Friday 28 August 2015


Above: Judge Death in WELCOME TO CARRRDEATH!

First things first. I would like to Apologise for lateness of this report...but better late than never huh? Thanks to Mike Allwood, the Cardiff Independent Comic Expo made a welcome return this year to a
new location in the fabulous city of Cardiff, the Cardiff Masonic Hall. As usual Mike was helped out by a whole host of wonderful people including IZ and Richard McAuliffe. Thanks to them all for helping to make this event good fun and a great day out. Among the many comic book creators, publishers and traders we were lucky to have a healthy line up of 2000AD Droids. In attendance were Patrick Goddard, Dylan Teague, Rob Williams, Mike Collins and Ben Willsher. I apologise if I have missed anyone out. On the success of this event another Cardiff Independent Comic will be dishing out wonderful comicy goodness to the marvelous people of Wales this December.  For more information here is a link to the December CICE.

Saturday 27th June.
3.30AM: My day started with a quick breakfast.
4.40 AM: After a shower I head off in my car which was pre-packed to pick up a friend.
5.05 AM: We both head off down the motorway to Cardiff.
8.35 AM: We arrive at the convention say hello to IZ and Richard McAuliffe then head to the Comic Exhibitors/Dealers room. 
9.30 AM: I finish setting up my stall so I spend the time chatting until the doors open.

10.00AM to 4.00AM:  With such an early start and a long drive I was really tired and forgot to take as many photos as I had intended to. During the day I had a chat with Alex Mines who is a fellow artist and all round nice bloke. I was also lucky enough to chat to Steve Tanner of Time Bomb comics who publishes some amazing comic books.  Check them out here
Then during the rest of the day I met many more people. Here are a few photos of some of them.

Above: Bartosz Nowicki with his baby daughter holding a Judge Dredd page I drew for the 2000AD forum advent calendar a few years back. Here is a link to the finished image Incidentaly Bartoz recently organised the Judgement in Cardiff art exhibition which I hear was funded out of his own pocket!!! Thanks Bartosz I feel you really are a "Squaxx dek Thargo" - Friend of Tharg.
Here is a link to Judgement in Cardifff Facebook page.

Above: Jamie Lambert and David Clifford creators of the excellent 'Dexter's Half Dozen' were present at the Expo. Here is a link to their latest issue of Dexter's.

Above:  David Clifford one of the creators of Dexter's Half Dozen with a free Dredd sketch I drew.
Nice to meet you and Jamie, David.

Above: This gentleman (if you read this please get in touch and let me know your names) bought a copy of Spectre Show and received a free original peice of artwork from the comic.

Above: Russell Moseley who kindly bought copies of Shaman Kane, thanks Russell. It was great chatting.

Above: This gentleman also bought copies of Shaman Kane and recieved the original rough sketch for the cover of Shaman Kane book 2.

Mike Allwood popped by my trading table.  I asked him if he would like to choose a sketch. Here is a link the creation of the fullcolour version of the black and white Johnny Alpha sketch he chose above.

I had a great day, met loads of people and sold a few comics in the process. After the convention I was invited to a local boozer and managed to talk to Patrick Goddard who is an all round nice bloke and Mike collins who was also nice and very knowledgeable. Around 6.30PM we decided to leave for home while the rest partied on into the evening.  I had been up for 15 hours and I had a 3 hours drive ahead of me. After dropping my mate off I got home and tucked in to a well deserved pile of nosh washed down with a cup of rosie...luverly!  I look forward to coming back to Cardiff next year to mix with the people of CYMRU who made this event so fantastic.

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