Monday 24 August 2015


Introduction.  Its been six months since my first Demoncon and I had really been looking forward to
attending my second one.

August 23th 2015.
6.00am: I head downstairs to cook myself breakfast which is followed by a trip to the shower room.
7.10am: Jump in the car which has been pre-packed with my comic stock the night before. 
8.25am: I arrive at the car park in Maidstone which is free on Sundays.
8.35am: After loading up my trolley I head towards the high street.
8.45am: I meet Eric (Mangamax) outside the arcade and I offer to look after his Judge Fear costume while he parks his car.
8.55am: The very kind arcade security guard unlocks the gate and allows me inside to set up.
9.00am: I find my table which is in a great position with natural light and loads of space.
9.55am: I finish setting up my table and decide to buy a cuppa and start sketching.

Above: My trading table just after I had finished setting it up.

Above: Eric (2000AD Forum member Mangamax) as Judge Fear.

10.00am: I say hello to fellow stall holders and Dan Abnett passes my table with a hot drink.
10.30am: A few people with early bird tickets are now walking around.

11.00am to 4.00pm: 
I would like to thank everyone who took the time to visit my table. Especially those who bought comics from me.

During the day I had a chat with many people. It goes without saying that maidstone local, Podcaster and 2000AD forum regular John Burdis would be in attendance and we enjoyed a chat about comic art. I said a quick hello to Steve Green (One of Judge Minty fan film creators). Demoncon regular and local cosplayer Adelle popped by several times to say hello and have a chat.  She mentioned that her boy friend Ross was happy with his Rogue Trooper picture.

I was also happy to meet Tony Esmond for the first time. Tony writes reviews for the Comprehensive and rather marvellous comic website 'Down the tubes' run by John Freeman. He also co-hosts a fairly new podcast about small press comics and creators along with Vince Hunt (The Red Mask from Mars) and Dan Butcher (Vanguard).  

Here is a link to their podcast:
Here is a link to Down the tubes.

I managed to take photos of a few of the people who visited my table.

Above: Long time Captain Britain and Marvel comics fan Adrian holding up a copy of Martillo along with his free Hellboy sketch. Thanks for the great chat Adrian.

Above: I also had a lovely chat with cosplayers Mark and Louise. Great to meet you guys and I hope you enjoy Shaman Kane.

Above: Andrew (Let me know if I've got your name right fella?) With a copy of Shaman Kane #1.

Above: Andrew this time holding a Judge Dredd sketch. Everyone who bought one of my comics got a free sketch from my Sketch book.

Above: John (once again I'm not sure if I have this gentleman's name right?) holding copies of Shaman Kane #2 and one of the last copies that I have of Martillo.  Thanks John.

Above: The Justice Dept. checking the contents of Shaman Kane book 2. In the background note that Martillo has now sold out.  For those interested there may be a few copies left to buy online here from Martillo writer Greg Meldrum.

Above: Dave with a copy of Shaman Kane #1 he bought and a Dredd sketch drawn by myself.

Above: Dave holding my Mean Machine sketch 'Date Night' and a copy of Shaman Kane #2. I met Dave at Demoncon 9 when I think he bought a copy of Martillo and Shaman Kane #1. Thanks for coming back for more Dave.

Above: Had a nice chat with this gentleman who bought a copy of the anthology Hard Vacuum. He also received a free Johnny Alpha sketch with his purchase.

Above: James Alexander who produces and puts together the wonderful free digital comic 'Atom Jacket'. James visited my table to say hello and very kindly bought Shaman Kane and the last copy of Martillo. Thanks James. Get your free copy of Atom Jacket here...

Above: Michael a writer that I had a great chat with at Demoncon 9 and his friend who bought a copy of Shaman Kane #2. (Sorry fella please remind me of your name if you read this report.) It was great to chat to you both and thanks for taking the time to say hello.

Above: A 35 min sketch I drew for a gentleman who bought copies of Shaman Kane book 1 and 2.

Above:  Graham Beadle. Convention host and owner of the Grinning Demon comic book shop asks trader Vic to choose a raffel ticket. Vic put together the excellent Demoncon 9 official video.

I said it before this little convention has a really 'great vibe' which made all the time and effort that Graham and the people helping him put in worth while. I had a very busy day which I really enjoyed.  Thanks to Graham Beadle and everyone helping him for making this event such a great experience. I hope to attend Demoncon 11.

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