Wednesday, 18 February 2015


Above Bottom Right: I'm serving a couple of customers (Adele & Ross) among the crowds of happy people enjoying them selves at Demoncon 9.

February 15th 2015.
6.00am: Awoken by my alarm I head down to the kitchen and cook myself a full English.
6.40am: Hit the bathroom for a shower.
7.10am: I make my sandwiches, pack my drinks and snacks for the day.
7.30am: Jump in the car which has been pre-packed with my comic stock the night before.
8.25am: I arrive at the carpark in Maidstone which is free on Sundays.
8.35am: I've finish loading all my stock & banners on to my trolly and set off towards the high street.
8.45am: I'm at the gates to the Royal Star Arcade which is hosting Demoncon 9.
8.46am: Greeted by Graham Beadle owner of the Grinning Demon comic shop and convention host.
8.50am: Shown to my table which is in a great position with natural light and loads of space.
9.30am: I finish setting up my table and decide to make myself a cuppa and start sketching.
10.00am-ish: Sammy from Hatdayfilms asks me to say a few words for the movie she is making.
10.30am: A few people are now walking around. John (Burdis) pops over to say hello.
11.00am: The convention is now open to the public and soon the arcade is full, I carry on sketching.
12.00am: I've met some really nice people and sold a few of my comics.
12.30am: A few people have asked me for sketches, I happily oblige.
1.00am: Things have been really busy, but I manage to get a few moments to have a sandwich.
1.30am: I make a few more sales and watch the excellent cos-players interacting with the crowds.

Above: The UK Judges were out in force.

2.30pm: A few more sales and lots of sketching...really enjoying myself.
3.30pm: Lots of sketching and chatting to people, everyone is really friendly.
4.00pm-ish: Graham starts giving out the raffle prizes and I make another sale.
4.30am: Traders are begining to pack up now. I decide to carry on sketching.
4.45pm: Feeling tired now, John Burdis pops over and invites me to sit down for a drink with Clint Langley and another gentleman whoes name I now forget (sorry).  So I pack up my stall.
5.35pm: Afer a quick drink and a chat I say goodbye and head back to the car.
5.45pm: Car packed  I head home.
6.45pm: I arrive home and unpack the car.
7.30pm: I have something to eat and a nice cuppa!

The venue has a really 'great vibe' all bathed in natural light which is good for us artists. The other stall holders, cos-players and people visiting all seemed to tap into this 'positive vibe' which really made attending the convention well worth while. From a stall holders point of view the free car parking, reasonable table price and crowds of people really made this convention something that I will hope to attend again soon.

Thanks to Graham Beadle and all the people helping him for making this event such a great experience.

Demoncon 9 face book page.
Official Demoncon 9 Video.
DemonCon 9 VIP Night Hightlights Q & A with Dan Abnett and Kurtis Wiebe 

ECBT2000ad Podcast Ep 198: John and Flint talk about 2000AD & Demoncon 9. Even I get a mention approx 10 minutes in from the start.

Friday, 6 February 2015


In just over a weeks time I'll be attending Demoncon 9 on Sunday the 15th of February at the Royal Star Arcade, Maidstone. More information can be seen on the poster above or by visiting the face book page here created by event organiser and owner of the Grinning Demon comic shop Graham Beadle.

I will be selling copies of Shaman Kane, Spectre Show and Martillo.  I also hope to be sketching through out the day.  So pop over say hello and grab a sketch.

Hope to see you there!

Further Information:
For those interested here is a short film on Youtube which was made featuring the Demoncon 8
event also held at Royal Star Arcade, Maidstone.