Tuesday 8 September 2020

ComicScene Annual 2021


Hi everyone, 
  • If you are reading this post please consider supporting the ComicScene 2021 Annual Kickstarter campaign that I am providing some content for.
  • As usual no worries if you are not able to help out this time, it is all good.
  • Maybe you can help by spreading the word on your social media instead.
  • I was asked to provide a short Shaman Kane story for the Comic Scene 2021 Annual Kickstarter campaign which I happily agreed to do.
  • I decided to donate my entire proceeds for creating this story to charity.
  • The Kickstarter campaign target goal is £3500.00p
  • With 14 Days left as of 08/09/20 the current total pledged so far is £3356.00p so we need another £144.00p to reach the original target goal.
  • There is also a stretch goal alternate cover which I was asked to create inspired by the 1983 2000AD Annual cover
  • This new cover will feature Independent comic book characters Shaman Kane, Moon and Alex Automatic which will be given to everyone who has pledged over £30 once we reach £5000.00p
  • If we reach this stretch goal, I will also donate my page rate for this cover to charity.
  • Here is a link to the Kickstarter campaign which has more information about all the wonderful creators and stories in the annual: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/comicscene/comicscene-annual-2021?fbclid=IwAR1vmvZ7BfYVoH_R8-YmzttXImHF0gat8vzM7ThzonW3McvXzgFD-iFzmGA

Friday 31 August 2018


Slaughter Hawk a prelude is a 14 part promotional daily digital ashcan posted every day from September 1st until September 14th the day before the launch of the 'Slaughter Hawk - Corporatism has a new foe' comic book at the ICE INTERNATIONALCOMIC EXPO in Birmingham. More information on the convention here: http://www.smallzone.co.uk/

Saturday 21 July 2018


Script: Paul Eldridge. Art: David Broughton. Lettering: Bolt 01.
Commissioned by Bolt 01 on: 08/03/16  Artwork Started: 09/05/16
Finished on: 01/06/16  Published on: 01/11/16
Strontium Dog created by: John Wagner and Carlos Ezquerra. Copyright: Rebellion.

Above: Deep in Kuiper belt Johnny fights for his life in the arena known as 'The Viper's Nest."

After being contacted by Bolt 01 edior of the 2000ad Strontium Dog fanzine 'Dogbreath'  I agreed to draw my 'Ninth' Dogbreath script written by Paul Eidridge.

Wednesday 4 July 2018

List of published Independent (small-press) comic strips drawn by David Broughton.

Foreword: At the time of writing this I have had over 665 pages of work published in 49 independent or 'small-press' publications. This list catalogues all of my published work under five sub-headings in 'published' chronological order. This list does not include any of my early comic strip work prior to my first published comic book 'Trapped Individuals.'

Monday 28 May 2018


Above: The Cover for Slaughter Hawk a 52 Page US Format full colour superhero comic book.

My latest comic book 'Slaughter Hawk' had it's 'Exclusive limited preview release' at the Judge Dredd convention 'Lawgiver IV on Saturday 26th May 2018. Sales were good enough to ensure that there will be a Slaughter Hawk book 2 in 2019.

Slaughter Hawk 'Corporatism has a new foe' is not due to launch until September 15th at the Birmingham ICE Comics convention. http://www.smallzone.co.uk/

To help launch the comic book at the ICE convention there will be a Digital 'Ashcan' comic strip running over 12 days or so before the convention featuring a story from the world of 'Slaughter Hawk.'

First review is up for 'Slaughter Hawk' by the Awesome Comic podcast's very own Antony Ez Esmond Here is a link to said review http://neverironanything.blogspot.co.uk/…/in-preview-slaugh…

Saturday 21 October 2017


Corporatism has a new foe! Slaughter Hawk is coming in 2018.
US Format comic book. 48 full colour interior pages.

Friday 8 September 2017


Script: Matt Sharp. Art & Lettering: David Broughton.
Commissioned by Bolt 01 on: 17/03/16  Artwork Started: 22/08/16
Finished on: 10/09/16  Published on: 01/11/16

Above: I post my art about Star ship Troopers, Sgt Jupe, Dwarf & Smith in Hyper space!
The above sentence should be sung to  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SFnM8jNfAew

Dave Evan's editor of the 2000AD fanzine Zarjaz contacted me on 16/03/16 with a script by Matt Sharp featuring one of my all time favourite 2000AD future war stories 'The V.C.'s. Originally commissioned by 2000AD editor Steve McManus and created by Gerry Finley-Day & Mike McMahon. As a big fan or the original series accepting the script was a no-brainer.

The Script:
DB: Here is a word from the prolific and very knowledgeable regarding all things 2000AD, script witer Matt Sharp.

Thursday 2 February 2017


Above: Cover for Detective Gallo and the Unholy Company.


Spain, 1949 - a nation in thrall to General Franco's fascist regime.
Where fear reigns, the agents of El Diablo – the very Devil himself
–slither forth. Who stands between us and these foul forces?
Is there a hero, noble and brave, who can keep the darkness at bay?

Well... no. Not anymore. So we'll just have to make do with a sarcastic,
middle-aged policeman instead.

Say hello to Gallo.

Written by Greg Meldrum. Artwork by David Broughton.
Launching & Available to buy from True Believers Comic Convention
on 2nd February 2017 and-
soon after online from my shop at http://www.comicsy.co.uk/dbroughton/