Tuesday 26 May 2015


Above: Official Justice department approval of Shaman Kane???

Lawgiver, the world's only convention dedicated to Dredd fans! This convention has been created by the fans, for the fans. As a big fan of Dredd and a small press self-publisher I decide to attend the second Lawgiver convention. This is how my day went...

Monday 25th May 2015.

4.00 AM: My day started with a full English breakfast and then a shower.
5.00 AM: I head off in my car which was pre-packed to Bristol.
7.10 AM: I arrive at the Hilton Double Tree hotel and the location of Lawgiver Mk2.
8.00 AM: I check in and meet Sue Haddrell who kindly shows me to the trading room.

8.05 AM: I choose a table and begin setting up. I say hellow to Judge Tutor Semple 'Steve Hargett' and the wonderful Mike Allwood.
8.50 AM: I finish laying out my table. (see photo above).
9.00 AM: The doors open.
9.30AM TO 10.30AM: The trading rooms are excellent, not too many tables, friendly traders, loads of room and lots of natural light so I can draw. There are always a few people walking around the room taking a look and asking questions about my artwork and comic books.

Above: Chatting while I draw Judge Death.


Above: Matthew and Lisa visit my table to pick up one of my comics and a free sketch. While the gentleman in the cap if I remember correctly buys three of my recent titles and in doing so gets a free Hard Vacuum comic and free sketch.

Above: Chatting to Mr. Burdis and two gentlemen from essex who were interested in my artwork.
Thanks for the purchase fellas, hope to see you at Demoncon 10 in August.

10.30 -12.00PM: Every now and then the trading room is hit by a wave of people who have probably just left a panel event. I begin to start making sales sometimes with two or three customers waiting for service. Some buy all of my comic book titles in one go...its a great feeling.

I've been posting an original Dredd sketches by myself on the forums and face book for the last two weeks to add to the fun and build up to the convention. Every one of my customers gets to choose one.

Above: Once again I fall foul of the Justice Department guidelines as Judge Pal reads me the riot act.

12.00 to 5.00PM: The afternoon is pretty much the same as the morning. I meet lots of people, have some great conversations and I sell more of my comic books.

Above: Myself and Brit-cit Judge Paul Labelle who sentences me to time in the cubes for sketching in his book of law.

Above: Judge Spike (Richard Thompson) and fellow Judge Fagbemi (all round nice guy Gerry) read the evidence before sentencing.

Above: John-Luc Burdis holds up the cover artwork I drew for John...maybe John will post more about this on his blog or facebook.

Above: I'm in the process of sketching a Dredd head for Johnathan Barker.

Above: The finished sketch.

 Above: Judge Drone visits my table to pick up his sketch.

  Above: The sketch for Judge Drone.
Conclusion. As I mentioned earlier in this post I met loads of great people and I would like to thank them all for taking an interest in my work. Thanks to Johnathan Barker for filming and tweeting pictures. A massive special thanks goes to those that bought some of my comic books. You all made my day THANK YOU!  Myself and the writers really hope you enjoy them.

I did of course get to meet some 2000AD forum members.  I really enjoyed chatting to Dandontdare (Phil?) about  the 2000ad Dan Dare. Thanks for the nostalgia trip fella!. I met 2000ad forum stalwart and really nice guy 'Buttonman' (Steve?) for the first time. Thanks for popping by Buttonman, I hope you enjoy the comics.  I also met briefly Bad city blue in the bar just before I left for home. Another highlight for me was getting a visit from the wonderful jet setting 2000ad forum grandee (He will hate that!) Pete Wells and fellow 2000ad forum member Robert Stewart. Last but not least it was great to catch up with Richard and Iz in the bar for a quick drink before I left for home.

Update added on 27/05/15.
I forgot to mention the organisers for doing such a great job, apart from Sue, Andy and Steve who are the only organisers names that I know of I would like to say Thankyou to you all. Also a big thank you to the Hotel staff who were amazing.

Did I have fun, yes I did! Would I go again....HELL YEAH!


  1. Hi Dave, thanks for the kind words - great to meet you too. Sorry I didn't catch you for a drink afterwards - next year for sure. Thanks for the comics and sketch - served me well waiting for my flight home!

  2. Thanks Buttonman, The writers of Martillo 'Greg Meldrum' and Spectre Show 'Shaun Avery' will be as thrilled as I am to know that you like the comics. Safe journy home and I look forward to catching up with you at a future event.

  3. Glad it went well for you!

  4. Thanks Steve, I've just added a thank you to the hotel and event organisers...I was so tired I forgot to put it in the report.