Monday 18 May 2015


To celebrate the forthcoming 'Lawgiver Mk2' on Monday May 25th I'll be posting a differentJudge Dredd themed sketch each day until the event starts.

I will be giving away the original art for the sketches featured on this post (provided anyone wants one) to anyone who buys my comics at the event on the 25th May.

Each sketch will come with an A4 plastic punch pocket and A4 backing card.

Some sketches will go for more than one comic depending on the amount of work I put into the sketch.

I will also be sketching Dredd and Judge Death heads on the day and will give those away free if anyone wants them.

Official Lawgiver Mk2 website:
2000AD Forum thread:,41459.0.html

Links to my comics.
Shaman Kane:
Spectre Show:

Link to free Judge Dredd PDF comics.

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