Thursday 3 July 2014


Script: Shaun Avery   Art: D. Broughton.  Lettering: Bolt 01.

Above: Kano Kill Krool!

End of September 2013, I had really enjoyed drawing Rogue Trooper 'I am but Mad North-North-West' so I decided to contact Dave Evans to see if
he had any scripts for the ABC Warriors or the VC's.  Dave came back to me with a script by Shaun Avery for a Bad Company story. The commissioning email followed on 01/07/13.

I had a stack of scripts to finish drawing and therefore I couldn't start on the Bad Company story until around 16/08/13. As usual I read the script a few times and then set to work scribbling out a few rough page layouts complete with placements for the word balloons which can be seen below.

Above: Really rough (time was short) page layouts for pages 1and 2.

Above: Page layouts for pages 3 and 4.

Above: Page layouts for pages 5 and 6.

Above: Here are a few of my rough thumbnails for some of the things featured in Shauns story.
I love drawing space ships and if possible always add narcelles to them.  I decided to put my 'take' on the classic 'Brendan McCarthy' Trooper helmet and Kano's gun.

Above: Finished pencils for page one. Note the design of the trooper helmet mentioned previously.

Above:  Here is the classic Trooper helmet design by Brendan McCarthy. Image Copyright Rebellion.

Above: Finished pencils for page 2.

Above:  Finished pencils for page 3.

 Above:  Finished pencils for page 4.

Above:  Finished pencils for page 5.

Above:  Finished pencils for page 6. Last panel has been removed to save the twist for those who have not read this story yet.

Above: I completed the finished artwork and sent it to Dave on 06/09/13 ready for publishing in Zarjaz #20 which has this awesome cover by Mick Cassidy.  Find out more about the creation of the cover on his blog here.

How to buy Zarjaz #20
Should you wish to read From Mud to Murder and all the other great stories in this issue of Zarjaz then you can visit the Future Quake on-line shop to buy it here.

Steve Hargett gives Zarjaz # 20 and 'Bad Company - From Mud to Murder' a review on his blog site. Here is a link

Podcast Reviews.
Flint and Steven Ross mention 'Bad Company - From Mud to Murder' when they review both Zarjaz 20 and Dogbreath 28 here.  The Review for Zarjaz starts 5 minutes or so into the podcast.  Spoiler Warning:  They mention the twist at the end of from Mud to Murder.  For those who are easily offended there is occasionally colourful language.

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