Sunday 3 August 2014


Script: Greg Meldrum Art and Lettering: David Broughton.

A piccy from this wibbly wobbly timey wimey... story.

Owen Watts editor of  the 'Psychedelic Journal of Time Travel' sent me a script on the 4th of April 2013. The script was writen by none other than Greg Meldrum. If you have read my blog before you may be aware that I co-created Martillo and worked on various other fantastic scripts written by Greg. I had a fair amount of artwork on the go which meant that I didn't start drawing this story until the 9th of July. I think the deadline Owen had given me was January 1st 2014, so I  had plenty of time. As usual I've provided thumbnail sketches, rough layouts and finished pencils with comments detailing my process below.  I sent Owen the fully coloured and lettered artwork on the 22nd of July.

Above: After reading the script a couple of times I produced really rough thumbnails of pages one and two.

Above: Then based on the first impressions from the rough thumbnails I produced more detailed page layouts for pages one and two. As a matter of course I made sure that I included word balloons in the layouts to make sure that I had room for everything.

Above: Finally I produced the finished pencils for page one which can be seen above.

Above: The finished pencils for page two.

Above: Rough thumbnails for pages three and four.

Above: Then as with the page layouts for pages one and two I produced more detailed page layouts for pages three and four.  This story had more than a few complex panels to visualize and these layouts helped me to make sense of them.

Above: Finished pencils for page three.

Above: Finished pencils for page four.

Above: Rough thumbnail sketches for the main character and creatures appearing in the story.

Above: Cover by Carl Pearce.

Steve Hargett provides a review of 'The Boy who invented Anti-time' along with all the other fabulous contributions inside issue 3 on his excellent blog here:

How to buy this comic.
Should you wish to buy a copy of 'Psychedelic Journal of Time Travel' No. 3 with the wonderful cover by 'Carl Pearce' then you can do so buy visiting the on-line shop here:

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