Saturday 14 June 2014


Script: Luke Foster.  Art: David Broughton.  Lettering: Bolt 01.

Above: Durham Red still knocking them dead.

On 14th January 2014 Dave Evans sent me an email to ask if I could take on a six page Durham Red script for Dogbreath the Strontium Dog fanzine.  The only catch was that the artwork had to
be ready for 8th February which was only 3 weeks away.  At the time I was in the middle of working on the first Shaman Kane story but this was too good to pass up so of course I said yes sign me up for this.

Dave sent me the script and I immediately notice the authors name 'Luke Foster' as one of the co-presenters of the Everything comes back to 2000AD Podcast. It was the first time I had drawn Duhram Red and not wanting to let Luke down I decide to give 'Red' an ample cleavage. 

After reading the script I crack on with creating the page layouts.  If you have read my blog before you will be aware that creating page layouts are an essential part of my creative process.

In the end I managed to get the finished artwork to Dave Evans by January 30th a week ahead of deadline.

Please note: Just in case the colour picture above confuses anyone the published story and original artwork are black and white.

Both of the page layouts above are for page one. The right hand layout has an extra panel to smooth the opening sequence and help to establish that the car is next to a train.  The train is based on the train design by Carlos Ezquerra in Strontium Dog 'Bad boys bust part 2'.

Rough page layouts for pages 2 and 3.  The finished page 3 pencils (which can be seen below) ends up looking a little different to the layout above.

Above: Rough page layouts for pages 4 and 5.  Once again the finished page pencils for page 5 (which can be seen below) end up looking a little different.

Above: Two different page layouts for page 6. The final page design can be seen on the finished page pencils below.

Finished pencils for page 1.

Finished pencils for page 2.

 Above: Page 3 finished page pencils.  The final page layout is digitally altered.

Finished pencils for page 4.

Finished pencils page 5.

Finished pencils for page 6. Panel 1 was changed to show Red giving the baddie a Kung-fu kick.

The awesome cover for Dogbreath 28 by the talented Kev Level.

How to buy Dogbreath 28.
For those who wish to read 'Durham Red - The Great train screw up'and all the other wonderful stories inside Dogbreath 28, you can buy a copy from the futurequake on line store here...

Steve Hargett gives Dogbreath 28 and 'Durham Red - The Great train screw up' a review on his blog site. Here is a link

Pod Cast Reviews.
Luke Foster script writer for 'The great train screw up' also talks about his first Durham Red story in Dogbreath the Strontium Dog fanzine here. For those who are easily offended there is occasionally colourful language.

Flint and Steven Ross mention 'Durham Red - The Great train screw up' when they review both Zarjaz 20 and Dogbreath 28 here.
The Review for Dogbreath starts 56 minutes and 36 seconds into the podcast and For those who are easily offended there is occasionally colourful language.


  1. Some kick-arse pencils there sir!

  2. I must admit I 'love' behind the scenes stuff like this.

  3. Cheers fellas. In July I hope to post layouts and pencils for the 'Bad Company' story which appeared in Zarjaz #20. Then in August more of the same for 'The boy who invented anti-time' which appeared in Psychedelic journal of time travel #3.