Friday 1 November 2013


Amazing indi comic script writer Greg Meldrum and myself teamed up to produce Martillo...

The year is 1948, and Spain is under Fascist rule – a fertile breeding ground for supernatural wickedness. Enter Martillo – a former member of the Civil Guard, a servant of the Saint of Labourers, and Madrid’s least subtle priest. When Martillo encounters evil, he lives up to his name - ‘The Hammer’ - and smites it good. This collection of stories sees him smiting pagan storm-gods, metal-obsessed spectres, sadistic thorn-monsters, gold-eating devil-weasels, hungry bogeymen and the ungodly terror of Pablo Picasso himself! But can even Martillo save a nation still bearing the psychic scars of the Civil War?

Featuring scenes of goat-defenestration and Cubism gone bad, I am honoured to note that this beauty even contains a piece of interior guest-art by none other than Judge Dredd supremo Ben Willsher!

This 52-page US format comic is £5.99p + P&P, available from Comicsy:

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