Sunday 1 December 2013


Script: Greg Meldrum.  Artwork & Lettering: David Broughton.

After completeing the first Martillo story ‘Maneras de vivir’ we talked about producing a collection of Martillo stories which we could self publish.

To be honest I wanted to work on a Sci-fi/horror/war story so that I could draw way-out space ships, monsters, robots and Aliens. However having already worked on several of Gregs scripts I knew that he would produce something special for our co-creation and decided that this would be a fun project to work on.

To that end Greg Meldrum small-press comic script writer extraordinaire began to work tirelessly on the six part story.

I received the first script ‘Que viene el coco’ on June 18th 2012 and after finishing part of my Judge Dredd story ‘Mean green machine’ I started the finished artwork on July 9th 2012.

I had a number of new characters to design for this story and as usual I produced rough layouts for all the pages to make sure that we had room for word balloons etc. 

I’ve provided six of the seven pages below. I decided to leave the last page out to protect the ending. The finished art for all seven pages was completed by August 4th 2012.

Rough page layouts for pages 1 and 2.

Rough page layouts for pages 3 and 4.

Rough page layouts for pages 5 and 6. 

Above: Finished pencils for page 2.

Finished Page two fully lettered.

This 52-page US format comic is £5 + P&P, available from Comicsy:

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More Martillo files coming soon.

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