Tuesday 1 October 2013


I found my self with a little spare time a few months back.  So I decided to have a go at drawing
another Johnny Alpha Strontium Dog picture. I've provided images below showing the process I
used to complete the picture.

Above:  A picture was taken by digital camera using someone to model the desired pose.

Above:  Then using the photo as reference a rough outline was drawn using a HB Pencil.

Above:  Then using the rough outline as a guide I added more detail to the picture using a 4H pencil.

Above:  Once the penciling was complete I began inking using Rotring Tikky Graphic pens.

Above:  After scanning the inked picture I created a multi-layer file and coloured the picture on computer.

Above:  Finally, still using my computer I painted a background and added typography to finish the picture off.  The Every Thing Comes Back to 2000ad website were kind enough to publish the picture online which cab be seen here... http://2000ad.wordpress.com/2013/09/11/strontium-dog-courtesy-of-david-broughton-3/

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