Sunday 17 June 2012


Script, Artwork and Lettering: David Broughton.

At the end of March 2011 with no small press projects on the go, I began work on a five page Nemesis story for my portfolio.

I wanted to draw a story with Nemesis fighting Terminators (as this would be fun to draw) and I had an idea for an ending so I started producing rough page layouts which can be seen below. 

Above: Rough page layouts and sketches for pages 1 and 5.

Above: Rough page layouts and sketches for page 2.

Above: Rough page layouts and sketches for page 3.

Above: Rough page layouts and sketches for page 4.

Two weeks later I had completed the art and lettering.  I decided to send the story to Richard McAuliffe over at the 'Everything Comes Back to 2000AD' website.  Richard had stated previously that he was a Nemesis fan so I hoped that he would share my work on his website.

Even though I have posted the finished story (see below) here on my blog, here is a link to the page where it can be seen on the ECBT2000AD website:

The ECBT2000AD website is always worth a visit for any fans of 2000AD or comics. It is always kept up to date with terrific news, reviews, photos and artwork from 2000ad fans and professional creators.

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