Wednesday 24 June 2015


Above:  With Cardiff Independent comic expo only days away, its a good time to take a look at Spectre show with me your host on this post...Ted E. Scare!

SPECTRE SHOW #1. Remember where you were the day the gates to the afterlife collapsed?  The day humanity discovered that the spirits of the dead could possess their bodies at will, and that those spirits were very, very angry?  No?  Well, we can’t say we blame you for blocking it out of your mind . . .all that murder, torment and carnage.  Let writer Shaun Avery and artist David Broughton and a psychotic TV host called Ted E. Scare be your memory.  But be warned – what you discover might scare you, and there’ll be no going back . . .

Format: 32 Pages. Size A4. 
Colour cover/ Black & White interior.

Ted said:  David uses a 4H pencil to render the A3 image above in about 4 to 5 hours.

Ted said:  A combination of Rotring pens to ink the lines and a brush to block in the large black areas of the A3 image above in approx 3 to 4 hours.

Ted said:  David then scans the inked image in on an A3 scanner and colours the page by computer.
This takes approximately 4 hours.

Ted said:  Once Shaun has provided David with the script. Rough page layouts and then finished pencils like the one above are produced. The above page was penciled in 4 to 5 hours. Due to the time required to pencil a page David normally pencils on a weekend when he has a full day.

Ted said:  Inking normally takes place during the week in the evenings using pen and brush.
A page like the one above normally takes 4 hours or so to complete. 7 to 11PM.

Ted said:  Grey tone is added on computer and for something like the page above takes about 3 to 4 hours to complete.

Ted said:  David prefers to put a lot of details and shading into his pencils.

Ted said:  This then helps him to ink the page more accurately and faster.

Ted said:  We hope you have enjoyed a little lookbehind the scenes of Spectre Show...hope to see you soon!  HAHAHAHA!

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