Friday 6 March 2015


Script: Matt Sharp. Art: David Broughton. Lettering: Bolt 01.

Above: Charlie makes his way through alien seas.

Older readers of 2000AD may remember the Robusters story 'The Terra-Meks' Script: Pat Mills. Art & Lettering: Dave Gibbons - Which ran between progs 98 &101.  It was one of my all time favourite stories and featured 'Charlie', a huge ships pilot robot in a battle against the evil demolition robots the 'Terra-Meks'.  Well Charlie features in the story 'Comic Rock - Silver Song detailing his adventures after his battle at Northpool.

Above: I will be posting all of my pencils and and pagelayouts on this blog in a few months time.

Above: The official 2000AD fanzine ZARJAZ #23 is now available for sale from the Future Quake
online shop here.

Further information and details about the contents for Zarjaz #23 can be seen via this link here.

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