Tuesday 13 May 2014


Above: Me inking a page Sunday morning before the doors open.

As I have the week off this week I thought I would post a convention report. Also sorry for any typo’s and bad grammar on this posting. I’ve not got much time to check it all. I want to
spend as much of my week drawing.

Saturday 10th May.

4.30 AM: My day started with a quick breakfast.
5.30 AM: After a shower I head off in my car which was pre-packed to pick up a friend.
5.55 AM: We both head off down the motorway to Bristol.
6.00 AM- 7.30 AM: Time goes quick. We chat about all things comic related.
7.35 AM: We stop for a coffee break at the services.
8.10 AM: We arrive at the convention say hello to IZ and Richard McAuliffe then head to the Comic Exhibitors/Dealers room.
8.20 AM: I begin setting up my stall and my mate heads off to start his day at the expo.
8.30 AM: Its the first time in years since I’ve run a stall. It should take me just 10 minutes to set things up.  However it takes me until about 9.30am to finish.
9.35 AM: I’m lucky to have Dave Evans editor of team Zarjaz on the table behind me so we spend the time chatting until the doors open.

10.00 AM- 2.00 PM:
Where did the time go! Sometimes crowds of people milling past and at other times barely a trickle. 

I decide to take a proactive approach to sales and begin talking to people. I’m a comic fan myself so I talk to people about the comics they like.  Sometimes they ask me about the comics I am selling, other times I give them a gentle sales pitch.

Judge Burdis visits my stall briefly to make sure that I’m not falling foul of Justice department guidelines.  It was close but I avoid the cubes and a beating with the day stick.

I begin to start making sales.  Some to people I’ve worked with on other small-press comics and some to 2000AD forum members that I’ve met at conventions before. Its always good to put faces to forum members I’ve not met.  Even a 2000ad creator bought a copy of Shaman Kane. The biggest suprise of the day was that I was making sales of both Martillo and Shaman Kane to none of the groups above.  Yes!  people I didn’t know where picking up my comics and sometimes with little or no sales pitch.

2.00 PM- 6.00 PM:
Things slow down a little. We all relax behind our tables chatting and sketching.

I make a note to myself to bring more water and throat lozenges.  I’ve been talking to people so much that I’m losing my voice a little.

Every now and again a large group of people surge past the table. Probably after big panel events.  I make a few more sales. It would be nice to get my money back for the table, petrol, hotel room etc...

6pm arrives and I’m Bushed! My friend texts me to tell me where everyone is meeting for drink and food that evening.  I tell him that I’m going to take a shower first and meet them there.

7.00 PM- 12.00 PM:
I arrive at the pub meet everyone and get stuck into some well deserved food.  I’ve not had a chance to eat much.  As soon as I unwrapped a sandwich during the day a customer or friend popped up...gawd bless em!

The evening is a laugh.  2000ad Writers and artists Jon Davis Hunt, Alec Worley, Ben Willsher were just a few of the Pro’s that were there having a great time chatting with forum members.  Burdis, Rob, Dave Evans, Dunk, Stacey Whittle, Iz and Richard where among the crowd to name but a few.  Sorry if I missed anyone out.  However I did get to meet ‘Pete Wells’ forum stalwart and thoroughly nice guy...good to meet you Pete.

11.30 PM:  I decided to walk back to the hotel and get some rest to be ready for trading on Sunday at 10.00 AM.

I was sharing a room with my mate who didn’t get to bed until 4.00 AM.  He was up chatting with a colleague about comics and Doctor Who....what a nerd! 

Sunday 11th May.

7.00 AM: After a quick shower I headed down stairs for breakfast.

9.00 AM: I ask Dave Evans to take a few pictures of me at my table inking a page for Strontium Dog story appearing Dogbreath.

9.30 AM: After spending all day saturday looking after my carpark ticket I find out I’ve lost it.  A quick visit to reception calms my nerves over thoughts of the impending damage to my wallet as they inform me my parking will still be free.

10.00AM- 4.00 AM:  Doors open.  The day is much more relaxed. We spend all day sketching, chatting with neighbours and friends I’ve made. A few customers from Saturday come back with positive comments on Martillo and Shaman Kane which is just great and makes my day.  Thanks Matthew. 

5.00 PM: I pack up and say good bye to everyone I know around me. After meeting my friend we head back home in the car chatting about the convention.

I did alright over the weekend and managed to sell enough copies of both Martillo and Shaman Kane to cover my Table, Hotel costs, Petrol and food for the weekend with a little left over for profit.

Above:  Another picture of myself with some artwork for a forthcoming Strontium Dog story in the 'Dogbreath' fanzine.

As a small-press artist and publisher It’s not so much about the money for me. It’s about creating comic books that I’m passionate about. Its about meeting the comic community in the hope of convincing them that my work is worth reading.  I know that sounds like a cliche however like so many other creators out there I do my best make it come true.

Cheers everyone!

David Broughton.

P.S. I’m working on getting Shaman Kane available to buy online as soon as possible and will post adverts at all the usual places.

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