Saturday 1 February 2014


Script: Dan Hill Art: David Broughton Letters: Bolt-01.

Bolt-01 editor of 2000ad fanzines Zarjaz and Dogbreath contacted me on 5th March 2013 with a Rogue Trooper script by writer Dan Hill for the new 2000ad Fanzine “Drokk”.   I jumped at the chance to draw Rogue.  Anyway here
are the rough page layouts, rough designs and some finished page pencils with a few insights thrown in for good measure.


Above: After reading Dan Hills script I scribbled down a few tiny thumbnail sketches of each page which can be seen on the left. Then as can be seen on the right with page 1. I poduced larger more detailed layouts for each page.


Above: Rough page layouts for pages 2 and 3. Note that I include all the word balloons and boxes to make sure that there is enough room for lettering.

Above: Rough page layouts for pages 4 and 5. Even though small press deadlines tend to be much longer than professional deadlines. I always produce rough page layouts quickly so that I can spend more time on the finished artwork.  

Above:  A few rough designs for characters in the story. For reference I have copies of the Rogue Trooper ‘Tales of the New Earth’ collected stories.


Above: Finished pencils for page 1.

Above: Finished pencils for page 4. 


Above: Rogue Trooper: I am but mad North-North-West can be read by buying ‘Drokk’ with its wonderful David Frankum cover via this link to the ‘Future Quake’ webstore here...

A review of all the great comic strips in this fanzine has been posted on the ever brilliant ‘Everything comes back to 2000ad’ website here...

and the Forbidden Planet blog here... 

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