Wednesday 5 June 2013


Inbetween drawing Babyjays for the 2000ad fanzine 'Zarjaz'. and my soon to be printed comic book project in collaboration with script writer Greg Meldrum 'Martillo' I decided to draw a colour picture of Johnny Alpha as a warm up to drawing a Strontium Dog story by Shaun Avery for the fanzine 'Dogbreath'.


Above: First I produced a few thumbnail sketches until I came up with a pose that I liked.

Above: Then I got to work and produced the finished pencils.

Above: Followed swiftly by the inks.

Above: Then finally the finished picture which was coloured on computer.

The 'Everything comes back to 2000ad ' website were good enough to post this picture on their website. Should you want to see more posts related to 2000ad then their site is always worth a visit.

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