Saturday 24 November 2012


Script: Mark J. Howard. Art: D. Broughton. Letters: Bolt 01.

Above: Johnny faces the Fear Wolf.

I had wanted to draw Johnny Alpha for a while when Dave Evans sent me a script on 8th March 2012.
I loved the story and after agreeing to take the job on I started the artwork a few days later. Not only did I get to draw Alpha but Wulf and a monster called a Fearwolf.  The rough design for the Fearwolf can be seen further on down the page.

I had been working on producing the best artwork that I could but as fast as possible.  20 days later I had finished the artwork and sent it to Dave on 31st March 2012.

Above: Page layouts for pages 1 and 2.

Above: Page layouts for pages 3 and 4.

Above: Page layouts for pages 5 and 6.

Below: Rough design for fear wolf.

SD Wolves is available now to be read in issue 26 of the Strontium Dog fanzine 'Dogbreath'
and can be purchased online from

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