Thursday 11 October 2012


Last November (2011) with no small press work on the go I decided to get some practice drawing Judge Dredd for my portfolio.  I didn't have a script so I decided to choose something at random.  I picked 'Case files 15' and as you have already guessed selected the story 'Driller Killer'.  As I've mentioned in previous posts my 'Dredd' character is always evolving and at this point in time I was still drawing him on the old Lawmaster with the old Lawgiver etc.  After a quick look I picked 3 pages of the original strip to draw, which I have posted below.

Above:  Page 2.  I loved the original artwork which was very atmospheric. Therefore when laying out and drawing 'my take' I did my best to make things look new but keep the original feel.

Above:  Page 3.  My panel layout on this page is very similar to the original. What I have atempted to do is choose different angles for the fight scenes which I hope, are at least as dynamic as the original.

Above:  Page 4. For effect I have chosen to use the full bleed area of this page.  This can be seen in panel 2 where I have drawn for the Perp looking over his shoulder at Dredd. 

If you don't have a copy of  'Judge Dredd complete case files 15' and you want to have a look at the awsome original comic strip then this link will take you to the 2000ad online shop where you can purchase top thrill power at the click of a button.

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